Lidio Carraro Singular Nebbiolo 2006! What a find, had tried the 2009 before and equally nice. Now, before dive in into the notes let’s talk a bit of the wine itself. This one has a lot of controversy in Brazil due to its high price. Outside Brazil one would get excellent Barolos for the same or less cost, in Brazil local and imported wines are very expensive compare to abroad, sometimes 5 times more or worst. Still for the same price one can get great wines at the same price range. So, it is worth what they charge? For sure not abroad, the competition would be fierce. Over here, maybe but the current price. Like of the Napa Valley boutique wineries at the beginning, they become fashion and popular. Supply is limited, just over 2000 bottles per vintage and they don’t release every year, but there is a good demand. The current vintage just released is 2011, the previous 2009 already finished at the winery. They don’t use oak, which reduces a lot the cost to produce, making the final cost less reasonable. The notes: there are few people in the world that grows Nebbiolo outside Piedmont, have tried some and none compare to the original, but this one is very close to it. Before decanting the tannins were still very high, even for a 10 years old and no barrel. After breathing a bit, it balanced well, reminding a nice Barolo with a bit more tropical twist, cherries followed by roses and more spices than the original. Despite the controversy, it is a really good wine, just hope over time it becomes more accessible, like it happened in California. Having said all that, still very proud Brazil is finally producing some proper wine.
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